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Digimetrik is an affordable cloud-based service which helps provides evaluation of candidate’s technical skills during the hiring process.

In this Pre-employment Knowledge Assessment Platform, employers are allowed to create a customizable test for candidates to complete.

Digimetrik’s candidate performance analytics provide statistics of candidate’s skills so employers can pick the top performers for on-site interviews.

With Digimetrik, there’s just so much time saved by not having to read a pile of resumes.

Explainer Video Script

Ed and Edna were lost among a sea of seemingly qualified candidates.

Ed had to immediately find a replacement for the head of IT and Edna needed to locate a superstar Biosystems engineer.

Ed was used to the drill… he prepared himself to spend the next few days posting ads, reading resumes, and scheduling interviews.

But Edna knew how to hire smarter… with Digimetrik.

Digimetrik is an affordable, cloud-based service which provides evaluations of technical skills during the hiring process.

Edna created position requirements and selected the right customizable tests for candidates to complete. She selected promising candidates, and Digimetrik notified them that they had been selected to take the tests. Using Digimetrik’s candidate performance analytics, Edna identified the top performers, and invited them for onsite interviews.

While Ed is still sifting through resumes, Edna is already welcoming a new engineer to the company.

And thanks to Digimetrik, she has a ready-made talent pool full of candidates with verified technical skills to assist her with future hires.

YOU can hire smarter, too!

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