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DataWhere helps you to manage, optimize and protect your intellectual capitals.

In this digital era, sharing your data means exposing risks of your data being taken by departing employees, wrongfully shared, and deleted or lost.

By knowing who created and modified the data, where it is stored, and who has access to it, you can ensure that no is going to harm your intellectual properties.

When installed in your devices, DataWhere continually analyzes all your files to help your enterprise locate the files, who interacted with them, monitor your files and more from one system!

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Intellectual Capital.

It’s what drives your enterprise value.

It resides in all your files: intellectual property, contracts, ideas, road maps, records, Financials, processes, etc.

With cloud computing and the proliferation of devices, your Intellectual Capital is EVERYWHERE…. on servers, in the Cloud, on devices… including employee devices.

This makes it challenging to protect, optimize, and manage your Intellectual Capital.

Not knowing what files you have, where, and who interacted with them, puts your valuable files at risk of being taken by departing employees, wrongfully shared, deleted, or lost.

With files across your ecosystem, it’s also extremely difficult to manage with hard-to-locate, duplicated, poorly organized, and files stored everywhere.

Fortunately, there is a Solution: DataWhere

Installed on your devices, DataWhere continually collects and analyzes metadata from all your files to help your enterprise:

SEARCH to locate files, find out who has a copy, and get detailed file information.

KNOW who created and interacted with your files, when, and where.

MONITOR all files and receive alerts on unusual file activities.

And MANAGE how your files are preserved, organized, and stored from one smart system

Protect, Optimize, and Manage your Intellectual Capital, Everywhere.

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