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Having trouble recruiting the most skilled candidate to take a managerial position in your organization? Stop wasting your time interviewing underqualified candidates and leave the job to CSA recruiters.

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Ninety percent of Fortune 500 companies use recruitment firms.

But, there is always the question of whether to use a retained recruiter or a contingency recruiter?

Here’s the difference…

Contingency Search entails finding quality candidates with appropriate skills,

Retained Search goes beyond by identifying the highest performers.

Top performers are in-demand but they are passive and tough to recruit.

Retained Recruiters utilize unique targeting strategies which require more time and effort.

The recruiter performs extensive vetting and shares in-depth information with the client.

This is why Retained Search receives 1/3 of the search fee in advance, but yields a very high success rate reducing the expensive cost of a bad hire.

Retained placements also have a 1-year candidate guarantee and now offer similar fees to Contingency Search.

Bottom line… a Contingency Recruiter is a great option but for critical roles and leadership positions, consider using Retained Search services.