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CrowdTransfer helps you in sending money to another country without converting the currency.

Let’s say you live in Paris and you want to send money to your sister in London. What you need to do is finding someone in England who wants to send money to France by using CrowdTransfer.

Now you just have to exchange your recipients.

You’ll send the money to somewhere in France, and your sister will get the money from someone in England, it’s just as simple as that.

CrowdTransfer is a simple and effective way to avoid currency conversion charges from banks while keeping your money safe.

Explainer Video Script

If you are transferring money to different countries, there’s a fee Banks charge to convert your currency into the currency of the country you are sending the money to.

These charges amount to billions of Dollars, or Yuan, or Pesos, Euros, or whatever, each year!

That’s hard-earned money out of your pocket, or that of your family.

Now imagine a free, fast, and fair alternative.

That alternative is a revolutionary new social network called… CrowdTransfer.

CrowdTransfer is the ONLY platform where you can transfer money for FREE!

Here’s how it works.

Let’s say Olive, who lives in London, wants to send money to her sister, Anna, in Paris.

And Francois, in Nice, wants to send money to his son, Pierre, in Liverpool.

Olive and Francois meet on CrowdTransfer, verify each other’s profiles and credentials, and agree to send money to each other’s relatives in their native currency.

Olive sends Pounds to Pierre… and Francois sends Euros to Anna.

No currency conversion, no fee!

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