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Visitor interaction is the key to boosted sales, increase customer retention and advance your rank in search engines. Communify is designed to help you achieve those courage-baffling goals. With the community actively integrate their content to the HTML of your website, your SEO effort will be much easier.

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OK, you work in eCommerce and hats off to you.

You’re fighting a battle to stay ahead of the competition and discover new digital marketing concepts and tools.

You know that visitor engagement is one of the best ways to boost sales, increase customer loyalty, and advance your ranking in the search engines.

But how can you do that easily and at low cost?

The answer is Communify.

Communify instantly turns your site into a full-featured, online community ready to handle user-generated content through discussions, reviews, feedback, and more.

Just setup your community, install our Communify widgets on product and blog pages, and manage all your store user-generated content from the same dashboard.

Visitors create profiles and you can send automatic email-review requests, chat with them, or let them talk to each other, creating user-generated content for your page.

SEO integration combines all user comments and reviews into your pages’ html content, so you leverage your rank on browsers like Google.
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