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In this digital age, time efficiency is a crucial matter. But safety is also number one priority. You must not check Google Maps or call your wife while driving.

CloudCar offers a solution to solve this. With CloudCar you can get your daily routines done for you on-the-go. Choosing the fastest route to work, informing your wife when you’ll arrive, reminding upcoming schedule while driving? All can be done by CloudCar.

Explainer Video Script

CloudCar’s automotive platform will power the driver assistant of the future, connecting your car and your life.

Sam, a typical working dad, is never stressed because his car has it covered.

Sam’s car knows he listens to the news and his favorite program plays when he steps in, then it maps out the best route to the office.

While driving, Sam’s car dials him into his call with his European colleagues.

Instead of sitting in the parking lot all day, Sam’s car works for him as a Taxi, earning him extra money. His car also knows when to return so Sam can leave and pick up his kids.

The kids are waiting when Sam arrives because his car keeps them informed of his ETA.

Sam’s car even changes the rear seat entertainment to the kids’ favorite show.

When Sam gets a message that his wife is working late, Sam’s car suggests a nearby take-out restaurant and places an order.

Sam’s car knows all his favorite sports teams, and when it’s kickoff time, offers to turn on the game.

In the garage, Sam’s car reminds him that he has to leave at 6:00am for his flight

Sam’s car even handles unexpected events. While watching the game his car alerts him that his tire has gone flat and the concierge service is on its way to fix it.

When the work is done Sam gets a notification and goes to bed confident, his car will make his day just as stress free tomorrow, and the next day, and the next….

CloudCar, connecting the world and your car”