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Cloud Cruiser delivers cloud financial management for enterprises and cloud service providers migrating to the cloud.Cloud Cruiser optimize IT costs, perform powerful what-if analysis, and align IT service delivery with the needs of your business.

Explainer video script:

Meet John, the CIO of a very large enterprise.

Like most CIOs, he’s under a lot of pressure to deliver more agile and business-savvy IT services for a lot less money.

But unlike most CIOs, he’s doing something big and bold about it.

John prides himself on being at the forefront of IT transformation.

John’s an IT Hero.

But IT transformation is hard.

Large enterprises like his have complex computing environments, with workloads spread across traditional and virtualized data centers, as well as public and private cloud platforms.

It’s difficult to understand exactly which IT services are being used by whom, and how much those services are costing the business.

And with so many computing solutions available today, John needs help matching the demands of the business with the appropriate IT services at the lowest possible cost.

Yes, even heroes need some help.

At Cloud Cruiser, we recognize that IT transformation is more than just a clever buzzword – it’s a fundamental shift in the way that enterprises consume and deliver IT services.

Our IT Financial Management solution provides the financial clarity and control that John needs to deliver the choices in IT service delivery that his business demands – making him a trusted change agent in his own enterprise IT transformation.

First, we consume enterprise-wide IT usage and cost data, enrich it with organizational and financial information, and transform it into meaningful business intelligence.

We then provide a rich offering of business insights that enables John to match his IT service supply and demand, compare and optimize IT costs, perform powerful what-if analysis, and align IT service delivery with the needs of his business.

At Cloud Cruiser, we’re making IT Heroes everyday… just like John.

So go big and bold with your IT transformation.

We’ll throw in the cape for free.