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ClearCast ensures that your podcast sounds as smooth as possible without any garbled voice or static noise.

Audio quality is crucial in a podcast, and ClearCast is a solution for podcasters who regularly experience missing chunks of audio or poor audio quality during podcast interviews.

Explainer Video Script

If you’re a podcaster, here’s a familiar situation.

You’re conducting an interview for your audience and you and your guest are prepared and then you launch into a spirited two way conversation.

Then IT happens… static…. garbled voices… no sound at all. So you stop the interview and try to regain the excitement and momentum, but it’s gone… plus your podcast ends up sounding sooooo amateurish.

But wait!

There’s a solution… one that is clear and simple.


ClearCast solves the problem of missing chunks of audio or poor audio quality during podcast interviews by recording you and your guest’s audio directly on their secure platform, and then providing you with a high quality audio file for you to edit..

What you’ll be able to offer your audience is a crystal clear, professional podcast interview without any missing parts, and that sounds like your guest is right in the room with you.


Hear both sides of the story… perfectly!