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ChatClass is a digital chat partner developed by EduSim to help teachers improve students’ English skills by using a platform to interact with their classmates and even students from other schools.

Explainer Video Script

English teachers know the best way to learn a language is to use it.

But it’s hard to get students to speak.

Classes are often large and infrequent, with students of varying levels and needs.
Teachers need time to give each individual student the attention they deserve. But teachers are busy.

With ChatClass, students don’t just study English… they use it with other students worldwide.
While teachers save time.

Students record messages and exchange feedback to improve their speaking. And can also have the conversation with native speakers.

Teachers can monitor progress, listen to student recordings, and provide direct feedback. There are also automatically graded vocabulary, reading, grammar, and listening activities.

Meaning less work for teachers and more learning for students.
ChatClass runs on your favorite messaging apps and can be used for homework or in the classroom.

Chat Class Helping your students achieve fluency. Let’s get started today.