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CENTRL is an integrated platform for privacy management and third-party risks, built on automation, analytics and intelligence.

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Companies are confronted with a new and urgent challenge: how to comply with new privacy regulations and provide greater control to customers over their personal data.

Personal data is scattered in multiple databases. Some of it is shared or sold to third parties. How do you build an inventory of all this data? How do you respond to customers’ requests of their privacy rights?

CENTRL’s Privacy360 is a comprehensive Privacy Program Management platform that provides all the capabilities required to manage compliance with privacy regulations: whether it be the GDPR, LGPD, or California Consumer Privacy Act.

CENTRL’s Data Inventory module allows you to quickly build a map of all personal data using the powerful combination of automated surveys and integrated eDiscovery. This map in turn generates and updates your privacy disclosures.

CENTRL’s Data Subject Rights Management module enables companies to automate the end-to-end process of responding to customer’s requests – from intake, triage, automatic data inventory lookup, to fulfillment – with flexible connections to internal systems and third parties. Allowing you to clearly monitor compliance.

CENTRL also offers the most advanced Assessment module to automate on-going audits for a complete view of your privacy risks across your enterprise. In addition, CENTRL’s Vendor Risk module efficiently monitors the risk of critical third parties.

Privacy today is not just a matter of compliance. It is critical for keeping the trust of your customers. CENTRL’s Privacy360 is the most advanced platform to help you achieve that goal.