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CardCruncher allows you to use an engine that finds the perfect credit card that earns you the most cash value rewards based on your actual spending.

Explainer Video Script

Are you looking for the best credit card? One that earns you points, miles and cash back?

Well, there are a lot out there. Hundreds, thousands. Some offer 3% back on this, 2 points on that, 5 miles here and there… then there are earnings caps on rewards, spending minimums to earn sign-up bonuses, tons of redemption options. What about rotating categories and membership tiers?

It’s easy to get overwhelmed.

So, how do you know which credit card is best for you? How do you know which card will earn you the most rewards? Like, really YOU. Based on YOUR unique spending habits.

You can spend hours reading reviews for every card on the market…

You could take days or weeks tallying your spending from credit card statements, comparing it to hundreds of reward programs…

Or, you could save the hassle by using CardCruncher.

CardCruncher automatically pulls your existing spending history — the money you really spent in the past year — and groups it into categories like travel, restaurants, groceries, and gas among others. Then CardCruncher inputs your real spending into hundreds of credit card rewards programs, to find out how much cash back you would’ve earned… had you used the right card?

This way, you’ll know which credit card will earn you the most rewards based on your real spending — all in a matter of seconds.

Your spending is unique and your credit card should be, too.

CardCruncher, find your best credit card.