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BountyBuddy is here to help you get something out of your referrals. Once your buddy get the gig, you’ll get your cash out for referring them. Self-referral allows you to receive half of the bounty you’d get for referring a buddy. It’s a win-win situation!

Explainer Video Script

Welcome to BountyBuddy

If you are here it means you (or someone you know) are deeply entrenched in the tech world and want to see how your referral network can earn you some huge payouts!

BountyBuddy is built on the simple principle that nothing beats a referral when looking for great technical talent. We found that usually folks don’t vouch for someone unless they really believe in that person’s abilities.

The problem is that you have referred friends in the past and have been accumulating tons of good karma, but have nothing to show for it.

That all changes now!

BountyBuddy wants to give you what you deserve – a ton of cash for referring your buddy! And it’s beyond simple to do!

First, review our current Bounties and see if there is a match. Each Bounty lists the total prize for that referral and includes a Day 1 Bonus!

Then just answer a couple of basic questions about you and your buddy. The more info you provide, the faster we’ll get back to you.

And if your buddy gets the job it will be time for you to collect!

We’ll be sending out that Day 1 Bonus on your Buddy’s first day at the new gig and once he or she has been there past the guarantee period, you’ll receive your MEGA PAYDAY!

You are also more than welcome to apply for one of the Bounties yourself, but please note that self-referrals are only worth half the Bounty listed, but that could still equal thousands of dollars!

For more information, please review the guidelines listed out on the site.

So now it’s time to give BountyBuddy a whirl and find out the true value of friendship…it’s a lot!