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Biodegradable Mosquito Traps or BMTs is an eco-friendly solution to minimize diseases spread by mosquito.

Unlike plastic mosquito traps, which are expensive and more complicated to use, BMTs provides a solution that’s easier to use, cheaper AND more environment-friendly.

Explainer Video Script

Mosquitos are responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths around the world each year, spreading diseases like Zika, Malaria, Dengue Fever, Yellow Fever, Chikungunya, and more.

Disease is spread when the female mosquito bites an infected person or animal and transfers the disease to another person it bites.

The normal methods of spraying with insecticide to kill mosquitos can adversely affect other insects, animals and humans and using bed netting only protects at night

While plastic mosquito traps are already proven targeted and effective but are expensive and complicated to use. And worse they require manual recharging every 4-6 weeks because the insecticides wear off and the traps have the risk of becoming breeding grounds for mosquitos!

There is a solution, one that is affordable, targeted and easy to use.

Biodegradable Mosquito Traps, or BMTs.

Just remove standing water, place the BMTs around your home, add water (to the overflow hole) and that’s it!

Place around your property every 25 feet in shaded areas out of the reach of animals and children a. 15 per acre b. 4 per house c. 1-2 per apartment

Once the bait in the bottom combines with water it attracts the female mosquito to the trap,she lays eggs, and then a mild insecticide kills her.AND THE LARVACIDE PREVENTS Any eggs laid will from reaching adulthood.

This reduces the mosquito population safely and effectively.

Unlike Plastic traps, BMT’s patented additive is designed to release the water corresponding to the insecticide becoming ineffective. This prevents BMTs from becoming breeding grounds.

Since mosquitos travel only a short distance over their whole life the mosquito population in a region will begin to decrease immediately and will be decimated after 4-6 weeks, creating a mosquito shield around your home, neighbourhood or community

Add water to traps if evaporation occurs, and replace every 4-6 weeks with new BMTs to keep reducing mosquitoes in your area.

Biodegradable mosquito traps allow every person to help prevent the spread of mosquito borne disease.