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AgentPro by BitLever is a platform that motivates your employees to perform their best by offering rewards and prizes.

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Everyone loves great customer service. In fact, you may say that it’s more important than ever, as reviews can make or break entire businesses.

But running a call center is tough, especially when it comes to keeping track of your team’s performance. Crucial data is often hard to access because it lives in multiple systems.

This creates a dangerous gap that could cause your agents and supervisors to get lost in the weeds and focus on the wrong metrics. You know that there must be a better solution…one that doesn’t waste time and money.

Meet AgentPRO by BitLever.

AgentPRO is a gamification platform that will get your agents excited about performing well, and measure the impact of every center, manager, and team. Your agents earn points that can be redeemed for rewards and prizes.

This type of positive reinforcement is shown to be incredibly effective in driving competition and improvement at the workplace.

Your customers can feel when your agents are in a good mood, even if they don’t see them.

With the power of gamification and instant feedback, our system turns work into a fun and engaging activity, making this a win-win for everyone. Watch your employee engagement rise, and take this advantage to become the driving force behind the best customer service experience.

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