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BILSI offer one total price and no surprise costs to your Canadian customers. Save up 50% off the cost of direct parcel delivery to Canada. Hassle-free and inexpensive shipping without any setup fee.

Explainer video script:

Did you know that Canadians order over $18 billion (and growing) in goods and services on the internet?

Do you have a piece of the Canadian online pie?

Or could you service Canada better than you are today?

How can you assure a positive customer experience?

BILSI has the answer! And this is what we offer:

One total price and NO SURPRISE costs to your Canadian customers
– SAVE UP TO 50% off the cost of direct parcel delivery to Canada
– NO set up fees
– Hassle-free and inexpensive shipping
– Use of cloud-based technology to upload shipping data
– Ability to track orders through the whole process, and
– Smaller parcels will use top Canadian carriers such as Purolator, FedEx and Canada Post; while LTL and final mile – carriers will handle the larger item home delivery

Still curious of how BILSI can offer a positive customer experience?

Let’s have a look at some US e-commerce shipping methods that drive the Canadian shoppers AWAY:

1. Shipping to US addresses only. Your Canadian consumer is left to figure out all the complicated stuff, like finding a way to bring it across the border, getting a Customs broker and paying the duties and taxes.

2. SURPRISE! This should only be reserved for birthdays and not ordering on-line. This isn’t the good kind of surprise either. The order is shipped then the carrier charges and collects the extra Customs fees COD when they show up at the door. Now the deal the customer thought they found is no longer a deal at all.

It’s pretty obvious that the first two approaches could negatively impact the user experience and seriously decrease the chances of repeat Canadian customers.

Finally, there’s the “no surprises” approach which we at BILSI can help you achieve: all costs, duties and taxes disclosed and collected in advance with no surprises at time of delivery.

BILSI will help you bring it all together.

Start today, and significantly improve your sales to Canada by offering the best experience possible, no more surprises!

Contact us at info@bilsi.com. Or by phone 1-800-663-8891.