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BeautyProLink is the app that every independent beauty professional need to keep up their business. It provides a mobile platform for beauty professionals to stay in touch and keep their clients and potential clients updated with their latest offer.

As if it wasn’t good enough, your BeautyProLink can also be personalized to your own preference in minutes!

Explainer Video Script

Hi my name is Janet, a beauty professional…

In our profession, building and maintaining a regular client base is extremely critical to business success.

I wish there were a tool that made it fun and easy to win and maintain clients online. I’ve tried a few tools in the past but I gave up in half way in, mostly because it was too time consuming to figure out.

I need something that keeps me in front of my clients & potential clients in an engaging way so they can stay up to date with what I offer to their beauty related needs.

Lucky for me, I finally found an affordable, fun and easy solution…..

Introducing BeautyProLink, the ONLY TOOL YOU NEED that makes marketing your business a breeze and it makes you look like a million bucks.

Clients and their friends recommend me all the time now because they are proud to share my App and they love it because they get rewards for sharing it.

It sounds crazy but I was able to set up my personalized beauty app in just a few minutes and this app works for me and makes me shine 24/7.

Now, everyone and anyone can check out my services, portfolio shots, my reviews online, book an appointment with me and stay up to date with new promotions, products and services I offer!

Don’t take my word for it. Download my app at janet.beautyprolink.com from your smartphone and see it for yourself or visit beautyprolink.com to learn more…