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Adzsteam provides hyper-targeted ads that help store owners and entrepreneurs achieve optimal exposure to the right people that want to buy from them.

Explainer Video Script

What if there was a way to send timely and relevant ads to millions of people’s mobile phone? You’d be able to target the customers who’ll want to buy from you. And you wouldn’t waste advertising spending on those who won’t.

At Adztream, we supply targeted advertising to people who access public Wi-Fi on their mobile phones. Advertisers know exactly where their ads are showing and they get more exposure where and when they need it.

Let’s say Fiona runs a chocolate shop in an airport. She wants to target young customers in the coffee shop opposite. So, she sends out an ad with a coupon for 20% off her chocolates.
Customers receive the ad when they log on to the coffee shop’s WiFi. They win because they know they can get reduced price chocolates before they board their flight. Fiona also wins because she gains more customers while reducing her advertising spend.

We use an advanced overlay technology which is 100% digital, allowing for success tracking and user analytics. The technology is also completely secure and non-intrusive, meaning happy customers.

Our goal is to partner with the world’s best brands and ad agencies to supply targeted ads in shopping malls, hotels, stadiums and convention centres. So, contact us to get your targeted ad out to millions of phone users and start to see results.