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Adwallet makes your advertising campaign easier by allowing you to select a highly specific target group and distribute your budget evenly.

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Getting the attention of your customers through advertising used to be easy.
But today, there are literally thousands of messages from many channels competing for their attention.

Hey, what if you stopped begging your customers to pay attention…and instead just paid them for it?

Introducing, AdWallet. Paid. Attention.

When you advertise on AdWallet, you can select a highly specific target, define your maximum budget, and send your ad right to your customer’s AdWallet app. AdWallet cross-references your desired customer against everyone that has the AdWallet app searching for just the right fit. Your perfect customer then receives a text that an ad is waiting for them on AdWallet.

After they watch your 30 second ad, they answer a question about the ad that’s designed to determine if they really paid attention to the content.

If they answer the question correctly, they are given the option to rate the ad and download an exclusive offer from you — further incentivizing them to engage your brand.

Your customer will receive 50 cents for successfully paying attention to your ad. You also have the option to pay them 25 cents more if they decide to share your ad on their social media network.

You’ll be able to track every engagement, and most importantly, you only pay if they’ve proven they really paid attention to your ad.

When your campaign ends, AdWallet, will send you a report that includes detailed geo, social, and behavioral analytics of the groups of people who watched your ad.

With AdWallet, you’ll finally be able to:

Serve an ad directly to your key target audience.

Know they paid attention to your ad.

Know when they downloaded your offer.

Know when they redeemed it.

And most importantly, only pay when they truly engaged with your brand.

So stop wasting your precious marketing dollars trying to get your customers to pay attention… and just pay them for it.

Paid. Attention.