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With Access you can now look for deals whenever and wherever you want without any hassle. Not only that, you can simply swipe through startups, real estate, niche market and alternative asset investments using Access mobile app.

If you have hundreds of subscribed email newsletter from your investment holder candidates, Access can help you sort them out with ease! Access gathers crowdfunding platforms and private investment deals in an app.

Access is the private investments opportunities for you, in one big pot.

Explainer Video Script

If you are like many savvy investors, you know that equity & debt crowdfunding present a huge
opportunity to see a ton of new private investment opportunities..

Literally hundreds of crowdfunding platforms have popped up, offering thousands of deals.

Unfortunately to view these deals you have to sign up for each platform separately, and enter sensitive personal information over and over again

not knowing the quality of each platform’s deals and diligence processes.

Then you start receiving deal announcements via email; which is fine at first, but soon deals from all these platforms take over your inbox; and most of them don’t even interest you!

To stop this madness you can filter out these emails or unsubscribe, but then you would have to regularly check dozens of websites just to see any new deals. Who has time for that!?!

If only there was a better way…

Enter Access.

Access aggregates deals from over 100 crowdfunding platforms and other private deal sources
in one easy to use app.

The Access mobile app let’s you swipe thru startup, real estate, niche market and alternative asset investments, allowing you to curate deals by learning your preferences and showing you deals that best match your interests.

With Access you can easily share deals with friends and colleagues too.

Access let’s you look at deals whenever and wherever you want; whether you are on vacation or have a couple minutes between meetings at work.

Get the private investment opportunities you are interested in without all the hassle.

Download the Access app today and find out more at AccessInvest.com