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Abridge Self-Service Business Intelligence is a data management service that saves your business from the waiting you would get whenever you do a Business Intelligence request.

You can do the Business Intelligence yourself without having to wait for days, weeks or months to get the result. Abridge Self-Service Business Intelligence also assist you in searching, filtering, aggregating, sorting and exporting data.

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Today’s businesses are swimming in a sea of data.

Acquiring and storing data has gotten easier … but leveraging it hasn’t.

Simply put, traditional reporting tools cannot keep up with user’s demand for actionable data.
According to Forrester research, 68% of simple BI requests take a week or longer to complete.

Abridge Self-Service BI is here to eliminate the wait.

Developed by BI Experts, Self-Service BI is enabling Business Users to build dynamic reports to answer important business questions, and freeing IT to focus on other important tasks.

Deployed over the web within hours, it works with your existing database structures … provides simple collaborative, interactive, enterprise wide data exploration.

Employ searching, filters and aggregation … sorting and exporting … and enhance collaboration with Sound Data Governance.

Streamline group policy management with business areas and a full suite of administrator interface.

Gain powerful Data Exploration and Data Discovery with point and click simplicity … Abridge Self-Service BI, eliminates wait, increases efficiency and saves money.

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