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ABACUS is your solution to get the best time-to-value ratio from an enterprise roadmapping tool.

With over 100 frameworks and notations that have been researched and developed to assist you in building your enterprise roadmap, ABACUS is unlike other tool you’ve ever seen in the market.

With ABACUS you can analyze, test, and report the result of your strategies with rich visuals including heat maps, tree maps, and lifecycle charts all in one friendly-designed user interface.

Explainer Video Script

We all understand the concept of a roadmap. You can clearly see how to get from point A to point B.

But, does your business have a road map? How good is it?

Choosing the right route, based on all your data, is the key to hitting your company’s goals. You might need to: optimize customer experience, reduce costs, enhance cybersecurity, boost performance.

That’s why experts are turning to ABACUS to help them keep dynamic, up-to-date views of
both business and IT roadmaps.

ABACUS provides the quickest time-to-value of any enterprise roadmapping tool. Easily upload your existing data… choose from over 100 frameworks and notations… road map and test future strategies and report with rich visuals including heat maps, tree maps and lifecycle charts.

With ABACUS you can include every stakeholder in your roadmap to success. Contact us for a demonstration or download a free trial of ABACUS from our website