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The 21st century will be the African century…

By 2035, the number of Africans entering the workforce will be double that of the rest of the world combined.

Africa’s youth explosion could forever transform the continent – but will today’s children be ready for tomorrow’s jobs?

In a world where 50 % of the jobs that exist today will be obsolete 20 years from now – Africa urgently needs a paradigm shift in education to prepare students for the seismic changes that await

Most schools across Africa use outdated education models where students learn by memorizing facts.

However, a growing number of pioneering schools across Africa are leapfrogging not only the existing educational status quo on the continent, but are introducing game-changing education on the world stage.

Schools like Nova Academies, African Schools of Excellence, and Pioneer Academy, that use cutting edge research to develop the skills and character that these students need to become leaders and innovators.

These schools need tremendous support and that’s where Mireya comes in – by identifying world class schools, hand picking top scholars, and providing scholarships.

When you donate to Mireya, you provide a once in a lifetime opportunity to some of the hardest working, brightest minds anywhere – giving them an opportunity to pull themselves, their families, and ultimately their countries out of poverty.
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