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Video Showcase


Animated shadows and silhouettes that create ambience that your product needed. Brought to popular with Groupon's explainer video, silhouettes means a flock of average Joe that forms a crowd.


Bridge US

Say goodbye to a frustrating and expensive immigration process. Say hello to America with Bridge US. Continue reading



Sofis offers the best service and simplify your efforts in the prevention of professional risks. Continue reading


Snapplify’s eLearning solution empowers you and your students with the latest eLearning technology. Continue reading



Inklyo provides premium content writing services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Continue reading

Source Dogg


Affordable, powerful and easy-to-use eSourcing software. Continue reading


Swarm Mobile

Understand your customers, operate your store more efficiently, and grow your business with the help of Swarm. Continue reading


iMomentous helping your company Embrace Mobility. Continue reading


Finch embraced CPV as the revolutionary new way to manage paid search to help you earn more revenue, profit, leads, or whatever your business values most. Continue reading

Staygreen Oil

Staygreenoil is the online market place that allow buyer to buy used lubricant and cooking oil faster than before. Continue reading


Avensol make solar easy and fun – and it will be one of the best investments you can make! Continue reading


Find information and share experiences about a product through the first products and items social network, Gosbu! Continue reading


LiveTalk helps you to serve your potential customers better by adding video call to your website today. Continue reading

Cloud Real Estate

Cloud Real Estate gives better information, outstanding service, and competitive rates of Toronto’s Real Estate. Continue reading

Finch 2

Finch analyzes data and use logic to find the most effective way to improve your online campaign. Continue reading


Create the most effective mobile advertising to target your potential customers with YolkEngine by AdEgg. Continue reading


Use Ridacto and have a second set of eyes that protects your legal documents from risks. Continue reading


Finch is a leader in PPC optimization which can help you to achieve more profits from your online advertising investment. Continue reading


If you care about your everyday essentials but extremely busy, let KingPin do the essentials shopping for you!

Continue reading

Cloud Web

An introduction, yet entertaining video we made for Cloud Continue reading

Discount Caddy

Discount Caddy is a golf related deals-a-day business that caters for your golfing need, wherever you are. It’s a wonderful solution for corporates and entrepreneurs that golfs daily. Continue reading


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Stories are the most engaging content type for customers. Using strategies like emotional appeal, a timeline, and clever choice of words, stories are an incredibly effective tool for shaping your brand’s character and engaging your customers. A video is an … Continue reading

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