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4 Fundamentals for Crafting a Winning Video Marketing Strategy in 30 Minutes

marketing strategy
Besides an excellent product or service, a successful business is built with a string of marketing efforts. Video marketing is one of the most influential. Many companies choose to outsource their marketing because they think it’s better to leave it to the pros.

It’s not as hard as it sounds. Heck, you can have the general framework done in under 1 hour. But it does require more than just a shower of thoughts to execute the whole plan.

Those companies actually can do their marketing themselves as long as they know the right way to do it.

In this post, I will explain how to plan your video marketing that aligns with your company’s objectives.

Let’s jump right in.

1. Pin Down Your Video Marketing Mission

The first step in mapping out your self-planned video marketing strategy is to establish your mission.

Mission-based marketing, as Chris Savage from Wistia puts it, focuses on creating content that furthers your mission, instead of making content that sells your product.

Mission-based marketing is not new: Large B2C brands like Nike and GoPro have been doing it for a good while. Nike is not just selling sneakers, they are selling the idea that anyone can be a great athlete.

Similarly, GoPro always shares with their audience adventurous videos and it sponsors extreme sports events like Red Bull’s Signature Series. They make their audience believe that extreme activities like downhill and mountain biking are not as scary as it sounds.

GoPro in RedBull Signature Event

The result of mission-based marketing is attracting people with the same vision as you and who have similar problems to overcome.

One of those problems can be solved using your product or service (as they’ll find out) while other problems will be solved by your video.

Establishing your mission is not as complex as it sounds. It’s basically just messing around with your imagination. The difference is that you are actually going to make it happen instead of simply daydreaming about it.

Getting started is easy:

a. Write down your mission

If carrying a small notebook in your pocket feels too lame for you, you can always get a note app for your smartphone.

I have experienced the benefit of both carrying a small notebook and installing a note widget on my smartphone. I have learned that the most brilliant ideas come at the least expected times and places.

b. Create a scope of ideas.
Once you have a vague imaginary pathway for moving forward, you have to expand it in several different directions.

Your mission should be broad enough to cover the whole aspect of your video marketing, but the idea should be focused enough to have a real impact on the audience that sees it.

c. Ask your audience what problems they have.
Chances are, your customers have a lot of problems in their lives that you can solve with your product or service.

The easiest way to figure what those problems are is by asking them, not by doing guesswork which may or may not be beneficial for your future plan.

2. Plan out your video both for specific dates and the long run

Now that you have ground to stand on, your next step is to do the actual planning. We’re not talking about marking down dates on your desktop calendar. Your plan is the framework that will guide you through your video marketing funnel.

a. What do you need?
First off, you have to figure out what kind of video you actually need. Is it a standalone explainer video for your landing page and YouTube channel? Or a video to go with your next case study or blog post?

If you’re planning an explainer video for a landing page or tutorial, you should read our guide to choosing the best animation style for your explainer video because each style doesn’t always work for different types of products/services.

The safest option is to choose a professional service that specializes in video producing, either animated explainer video companies or video shooting studios.

b. What does your audience look for?
Making a video for marketing purposes is tricky. You have to make a video that aligns with your objectives–but you also need to create a content that provides real value for your audience.

You can gather information about this issue from the most frequently asked questions or the most common misconceptions your audience has about your product or service.

Once you find out the most FAQs or the most common misconceptions, create content that answers those questions specifically.

c. How will you make it happen?
If you’re not a company that specifically works on graphic design or video producing, it’ll be quite tiring to produce a really good video.

But if you’re planning to make a number of vlogs (video logs) or customer testimonials in the long run, it might be wise to invest in lighting equipment, audio and decent cameras. The best part of doing that is that you can create vlogs and testimonials in-house whenever you need want to.

d. When?
Last but not least, the timing. You have to know when is the best time to publish the video, just like you would with blog posts and social media.

It’s also important to decide beforehand whether you are going to make a one-time video content or periodical video content. That way, you can work more efficiently when gathering the information and content that you will factor into the video(s).

When making a promotional video for a product, you will be better off planning a timeline for the video release: Is it before the product launch or after?

If it’s before the launch, when is the best time to catch as many pairs of eyes as possible?

You also need to incorporate video projects in your company’s calendar. Don’t count solely on publication date. Take into account how long will it take to produce the video, to record the voiceover, to edit, and so on.

3. Execute the Production Process

Having the first two steps done means you have done the hard part of the video marketing grand plan.

Now the only thing you have to do is reach out to production companies and find the one that meets your criteria.

I suggest you start out by finding the best script writer you can get your hands on. The script is a decisive factor that will result in whether or not your video works. Read our article on script writing 101 to get the big picture of what should be in your script.

Have a video produced, but don’t be overly demanding. Have realistic expectations for the quality, cost, and the timeline for producing your video.

explainer video production

And last but not least: Promote it like hell by reaching out to influencers in your industry and publishing it on YouTube or other suitable social media sites.

Fun fact: An explainer video is one among the very few deciding factors of whether or not an influencer in your niche will use your product. One of our clients, Access, has experienced the amazing abilities of explainer videos first-hand. Here’s what they said about it.

Be sure to read our social media video sharing tricks beforehand to avoid the adverse effects of sharing with the wrong audience.

4. Be Consistent with Your Video Quality

It’s almost impossible for a non-video company to drop a video every week for marketing purposes. But that’s okay.

If your company can’t afford or simply can’t produce a video on a regular basis, that can actually help your video marketing.

In addition to that, you should not spend all your marketing efforts on producing videos. It is best to spread it evenly among all marketing content, such as infographics.

And speaking of infographics, here’s an ultimate guide to viral infographics for marketing.

Phil Nottingham from Distilled has a unique abbreviation for this: ABV (Always Be Valuable). Consistent quality should always come before a consistent schedule.

It means that whenever you’re planning to create content, that content has to be hyper-targeted for a very specific audience and serve a very specific purpose.

To better understand it: a house is better than an RV because it’s specifically made as a place to live in. An RV, on the other hand, serves two purposes: a house and a vehicle. That’s why it doesn’t appeal as much to most people.


For those of you who scrolled through, here’s what you need to do to self-plan your video marketing:

  1. Establish your mission and generate a scope of ideas to answer your audience’s questions.
  2. Plan and schedule your production and publication dates. Spare 2-3 days extra for unexpected obstacles along the way.
  3. Be consistent with the quality, not the quantity, of your video content.

So, how are you planning your video marketing strategy so far? Let us know in the comments. If you’re going to make an animated video, we’re more than happy to help.

6 Simple Social Media Moves That You Can Do In 15 Minutes

Social Network's Demography Infographic Last time we talked about a simple way to create a lasting impression, now we’ll discuss more about how you can maintain your online presence and get more people to come to your home base.

A lot of people feel frustrated because of the lack of business their website brings them even though there often isn’t much wrong with the site itself: it’s professionally designed, and the portfolio is full of gorgeous work. But the site just sits there, in an obscure corner of the Internet, being quietly ignored. Taking a website from zero to a few hundred or even a few thousand visitors a month is not easy, but it’s eminently doable — you just need to realize that you can’t expect your work to speak for itself. Most of the time, it won’t.

You need to accept that using your creativity to manage your online presence is part of the job too. Here are some tips to get social media traction:

1. No Excuses, Get Started Today

In social media, people are constantly making branding decisions about themselves. From something as simple as a profile picture, you can figure out if someone is an aspiring photographer, a drunken sports fan, or just an aspiring poet. Insignificant though they may seem, all of these almost imperceptible decisions create the impressions that people are going to have. This includes not only you, but also of the kind of company that you are and the type of services you provide.
A user profile is generally what distinguishes social networking sites from other social media platforms. It helps set the stage for building relationships with people who share the same interests, activities, or personal contacts, as opposed to primarily disseminating or digesting information feeds. This also means social networks enable companies to invite audiences to get to know their brand in a way that traditional forms of marketing or advertising can’t.

2. Don’t Try to Do Everything

Find the channel that feels the most natural and focus on it. Social networking services connect your list of personal contacts to the lists and profiles of others, giving you a bigger directory of potential associates. Before opening an account and becoming active, it’s important to consider what each site offers and how you can benefit from their resources. You need to take some time and really analyze your social networking site: whether they suit your company’s needs, what you are going to use it for, and what kind of groups you want to attract. After you’ve analyzed all the options, you can choose the platform, or platforms, that are right for your business.
Though many social sites are similar in nature, they can all be categorized by the different purposes they serve. Business Insider made an interesting social media demographics that can be useful when considering where you should focus your efforts on.

– If you are building a community presence or want to reach as broad a network as possible, Facebook is right for you. Not only does it have the most users, it is the most-frequently used, which demonstrates a high level of engagement.

– If you are in B2B industry, LinkedIn is best for you. Most users are in work mode on LinkedIn so it is optimal for peer networking and industry-specific information. Given the high income and education levels of the average LinkedIn user, it offers a distinct audience worth targeting with the right message.

– Pinterest is right for you if you are in an industry with customers who seek to express themselves through visual images. Given Pinterest’s particular popularity among women, it is also the place to be if that is your market target. Inspire and inform them on Pinterest and you can create real engagement.

– Twitter is a great choice for you if you want to reach younger adults. It is also particularly appealing to “information junkies”, so if your business lends itself to the provision of topic-based news or timely insights, Twitter is a great choice. As with Facebook, Twitter is more effective when it is a two-way platform in which you respond to and engage with followers.

– Instagram is for you if you have a visual aspect to what you do and what your customers are interested in. Interestingly, its users often overlap with Twitter, so it can be good as part of a one-two punch. Given Instagram’s appeal to specific ethnic segments and its popularity among urbanites, it can be a good choice for certain market targets.

3. Use as a Retention Tool

You can use your social media as a retention tool too, not just a sales tool. People like or follow you because they’re interested in hearing from you on a regular basis. Keeping your fans and followers up to date on what’s new and happening with your business or industry will keep them engaged with you and keep your brand top-of-mind. And don’t forget to interact with them, participate in every discussion, and keep the conversation flow. Pay attention when someone you follow posts something that interests you or moves you and be sure to reach out. If someone takes the time to retweet something you post–certainly if they take the time to make a specific comment–a simple thank you back goes a long way.
And encourage sharing. Link back to your website content. Encourage people to give comments and share the content that they enjoy, like a short video about your product or service. It will eventually draw more traffic to your website.
Social media is about creating a dialogue. When you have a discussion with a customer or prospect, the communication is much more fulfilling and much more profitable. Know how to be a part of your community and create great content or conversations that will raise awareness and increase sales.

4. Be Helpful

Share content or information that you find helpful. Try to post a specific piece of information to which people can react, or an explicit question to answer. Don’t be afraid to get a little personal, especially if you use your own account. Including tidbits like hobbies or your favorite music can make your page more inviting and more personable. These updates let others know that there is a person behind your account. Some personal information is valuable, because it may create a bond with a customer.
You can also offer special promotions exclusively to followers. Reward your customer through a time limited discount, free shipping, or special treat. Be creative about it. Sprinkles Cupcakes uses Twitter to send out daily promotional offers and asks customers to whisper a “password” to receive a free treat. This has helped the company draw more than 17,000 followers.

5. Harness Your Expertise.

Sharing knowledge you’ve gathered through your trade can go a long way toward boosting your brand. You have to remember though, resist the temptation to set up a feed that posts everything related to a topic or an interest. Not only can this be very annoying to your followers, it lessens your credibility. It’s embarrassing when someone asks you about your opinion on something you shared and you have no idea what they’re talking about. You can ask for advice from others and at the same time intentionally look to answer questions posed across social media. This is a great way to learn about a topic and start a dialogue with someone new.

6. Stay Positive Or Stay Silent

Make amends with dissatisfied customers — quickly, to prevent negative word of mouth. Using an authentic voice, demonstrating you’re listening and sorry for their displeasure, and provide fast solutions can go a long way in converting disgruntled customers into fans who feel valued. The quicker you can reach out, the better. Don’t go on the defensive. A harsh rebuke of your business online can not only can bruise your ego but also hurt your livelihood. Resist the temptation to lash out in public. When confronted with customer negativity, your best response is to answer complaints with facts, and criticisms with understanding. This allows you to address problems quickly, squelch rumors, and feed information to your customer base. Privately respond to bad reviewers and encourage them to meet in person, or talk on the phone, if possible. You need to keep in mind that you can’t please everyone, so remember to stay away from haters. The Internet can be a highly distracted place. If you disengage, people will eventually find something or someone else to pick on.

At the end, it’s about all of you, so never fake it. Nobody likes fake. When users decide whether to follow you, most evaluate the totality of your social media account. They will look at your last page or so of updates. They want to see that you are interesting, engaged, and that what you share is useful. That is why it is important to keep using genuine voice (as in sounding human rather than corporate) when posting links or information to your company’s social media pages. Don’t try to create a stand-in for yourself. Don’t pretend to be someone else.

What is Explainer Video

Explainer Video

There are a lot of tools to increase conversion rates, and one of the most effective is explainer video.

Explainer video is a short animated video that explains what your business does, offer, and produce. Their main purpose is to make people clearly understand what you do and persuade them to buy your product or services.

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Whiteboard Animation Video: Attractive Marketing Tool

Words and images are powerful combination in delivering marketing messages. A whiteboard animation video is a creative way to combine words and images in a video. Even old and boring information can be turned into an interesting video.

What makes whiteboard animation video different?

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How to Produce a Promotional Explainer Video – Explainer Video Production

Having a promotional explainer video is a great marketing tool for both small and large companies. A promotional explainer video helps your business to reach potential customers. A promotional explainer video also can be used as a powerful internet marketing tool that is able to your target audience directly for free. It can be easily delivered to your target audience by e-mail marketing, search engine optimization, and video sharing site like YouTube or Vimeo. Explainer video production is not expensive compared to television advertisement, it can be easily produced and it is a valuable tool to market your business.

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Animated Marketing Video for Online Advertising

Explainer videoIf you have an internet business or a company and want to gain high popularity on the internet market, having an animated marketing video on your landing page is the best choice. It will strengthen your company online appearance and provide more benefit in some point to lead the market. You will also reap benefits if you use animate marketing video on your marketing campaign.

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Publishing Your Explainer Video

Publishing Explainer VideoPublishing your explainer video is one crucial thing you have to think of when you start to create it. You have to conceptualize where or how you will publish your video, because it will lead the production of the video. You can start by deciding the purpose of your video and then plan the content to meet that purpose.

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Script in Explainer Video

Writing a script is the first and the most important step of creating an explainer video. A good script is a foundation of a good explainer video, that’s why you need to spend some time to write (or help to write) a perfect script.

While you are writing a script for your explainer video, we would like to remind you about some values that have to be included in your script. Continue reading

Keep Your Video Short and Focus!

Explainer Video FocusWhile you are thinking about explainer video that you want to create, the duration of your explainer video is an important factor that you should consider. Most explainer videos are between 45-90 seconds length. An explainer video which is less than 45 seconds could be pointless; otherwise, longer than 90 seconds could be boring.

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Sell More by Communicating Your Data Visually with Infographic Video

When you plan to create an explainer video, usually you have some ideas floating in your mind. You review some videos that really attractive, and start to think about video style that suits your marketing plan.

We would like to suggest you to consider an infographic video.

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    Stephen -
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    Rose Marie Whiteside
  • I had contacted another company before Breadnbeyond. They got back to me with only a text description of the story board without the drawings. What really sold me on Breadnbeyond is the story board with the picture and the text below it which showed me exactly what the video would look like. I got saw the story board of a previous video that was created for a colleague of mine. So decided to go with BreadnBeyond.

    Donald Sequeira, Cloud Select
  • Working with the team at BreadnBeyond was a fantastic experience and achieved exactly what I was hoping for.. converting more visitors to trial users by explaining the product quickly and simply. They are super organised to work with, making it easy for someone who has not done this type of thing before, and provided updates at each step of the process.The final video was brilliant, exceeding my expectations. I’ll definitely be using the team again when it comes time to create explainers for my other products. All the best, and thanks again!

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