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Starving Entrepreneur

Starving Entrepreneur is a forum for each entrepreneur to discuss their challenges and opportunities. It is a once a month roundtable meeting and groups like minded business owners to form a “peer advisory board”. The board collectively offers input, support, and suggestions to solve your problem.

Explainer video script:

This is Jane, Jane owns and operates her own growing e-commerce business and loves being her own bossJane also realizes that being an entrepreneur is an emotional rollercoaster.the daily grind can get overwhelming, frustrating and challenging.

Jane Feels bogged down at times.And that’s ok, most entrepreneurs do at some point or another and That’s where your Starving Entrepreneur Board or, SEB as we like to call it, can help!

Starving Entrepreneur groups like minded business owners to form a “peer advisory board”.

This once a month roundtable meeting, is a forum for each entrepreneur to discuss their challenges and opportunities .The board collectively offers input, support, and suggestions to solve your problem.

SEB is for intimate sharing not superficial networking. Think of it as your Entrepreneurial Support GroupBecause who knows what the life of an entrepreneur is truly like, better than other entrepreneurs.

Oh and each meeting is chaired by a Starving Entrepreneur facilitator at a fun new location every month. So the meetings are always on track and on time.

Jane feels a lot better and has a renewed energy to tackle growing her business.Think you can benefit from joining a SEB board?
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