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Sogamo makes it easy for app marketers to send targeted messages and offers that keep users engaged, staying longer and spending more. Sogamo automates any messaging campaigns, so after configuring once, just sit back and watch the results come in.

Explainer video script:

Hi! I’m here to give you some free advice on marketing your mobile app.

A lot of marketers stay awake at night worrying about finding new users. And that’s super important, but what about existing users?

Did you know that 3 out of 4 new users will be gone in 3 months?

It’s kind of like a leaky bucket that never get’s filled!

The reality is that having a “leaky” app means lost sales.

Because the longer you keep an existing user, the more money they spend.

Sogamo can help you patch those leaks.

Sogamo makes it easy for app marketers to send targeted messages and offers that keep users engaged, staying longer and spending more.

You see, we track users in real-time, so you can create detailed segments based on unique user behavior. Whether in-app or push, your messages achieve higher conversion rates because they’re only sent to targeted segments.

Want to reward users who refer your app to their friends? No worries! Want to encourage inactive users to come back? Easy! Want to give a special offer to your big spenders? Done!

It’s a simple 3-step process. Segment your users, configure your message, and hit send. We also track ROI so you can impress your boss!

What’s more, with Sogamo many messaging campaigns can be automated, so after configuring once, just sit back and watch the results come in.

Don’t fall into the “leaky app trap.”

Sign up for your free Sogamo trial today!


  • If you guys fancy those fancy animation videos done fast and cost effectively, then look no further! Andre and the crew from Bread n' Beyond will help bring your ideas n characters to life in quick time! Professional, responsive, reasonable and sensibly priced service... the folks at BnB are friendly too which makes it all a breeze and great joy to work with em. Strongly recommend anyone looking for animation or design services and such to get in touch with Andre and co. Will definitely be working with them again... in fact we're already onto our next gig! Nuff said :) These guys rock out!!!

    Shariff, Tee Daily
  • Overall amazing!! Not only will we hire them again, I have already sent two more people their direction because they did such an amazing job. Thanks you for doing such a great job.

    Jabez Le Bret
  • Very satisfied with the work done. Very talented and creative, quick turnover and easy communication. The end result is professional and polished. Will definitely hire again!

    Jerry F., Handshake
  • I would definitely work with Bread n Butter again. They were so responsive and very professional. My account manager was extremely helpful, and always put forth 110% effort to keep the project moving. I loved the speed and quality of the work they did for us. If you are thinking about hiring them as a provider, think no more. Just do it, and I promise you will be happy you did!

  • We loved working with the team, they were professional, prompt and adhered to our requirements and change requests. We liked the final delivery and fully satisfied with their work.

    Zeeshan Alam, Mobile Spy
  • I chose you because you were no fuss. NBD as we call it (no brain damage!). The delivery was perfect as a first timer, I cant fault what occurred. In terms of the end product, its what I wanted and the script review was brilliant and the end result perfect.

    Clint Twomey,
  • Quality of work was there and the price was great.

    Krista Lewis, Citadel Banking
  • ​Price was better than other options while quality and breadth of services appeared similar. Website and sales team were clear and upfront about process, options, costs, etc. Did not appear to be any hidden fees of catches.

    Alan Samuels, Lunch Pro
  • Bread n Beyond blew away all expectations, not only is their work phenomenal but their customer service and attentiveness should be a standard for every business.

    Ian Carnevale
  • Andre is great - his skill in Flash really came to the fore as he dealt with some stringent technical requirements we placed on him. I'd highly recommend him and his team for flash work, including proper Flash development with complex technical requirements. We'll be working together again.

    Paul Walsh, Promodity

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