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PeekInToo is a technological breakthrough that enables you to instantly gather live videos on request. With PeekInToo you can REQUEST a Peek — a 12 seconds video from any location.
Now, everyone is able to see everything that is happening now, anywhere around the world with PeekInToo!

Explainer video script:

Have you ever wished to be able to see what is happening NOW in a specific location on the OTHER SIDE of the WORLD?

Would you like to enjoy a technological breakthrough that enables you to instantly gather live videos on request?

Well now you can peek into

John is a rock groupie that can’t afford to follow his favorite band concert in another continent. John wants to feel the vibe of the concert even for a moment.

Right now, with PeekInToo he can REQUEST a Peek — a 12 seconds video from that concert.

As he waits for his Peek, he can take a look at any of the available Past Peeks in the area of interest, uploaded up to 2 hours ago.

Let’s meet Mary. She was lucky enough to grab a ticket to that concert.
She receives the request and happily agrees to share a “Peek”, from her current location.

John receives the Peek without even knowing who has provided it. He didn’t have to be “friends” or “follow” the person that provided the Peek. He is glad to be a member of PeekInToo, the new “anonymous” social network.

Mary is also happy as she received a 5 star rating for the video that she just uploaded!

Now, meet George. He is at the stadium enjoying the championship game when suddenly all the lights went off! He decided that it was an incident worth sharing. He reached his phone and uploaded a PeekShout. Other Peekers instantly get notified about the game interruption.

Now, everyone is able to see everything that is happening now, anywhere around the world with PeekInToo!

PeekInToo is available on the App Store and Google Play!


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