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Parking Disrupted

Parking Disrupted purpose is to install sensors in every parking spot, also the ones where parking is free. You will be guided by your smartphone or in car infotainment system to find a vacant spot. you will pay by a click, swipe or biometric data. No need to run to a meter and fiddle with cash.

Explainer video script:

Fact……parking your car, sucks. How many times have you found yourself roaming the streets for half an hour or more? Looking for a vacant spot?
You are wasting money on gas, and you are wasting TIME!

There is only one way to solve the problem. We need hard data from every parking spot to detect if its’ vacant or not. This can only be done with a sensor.
What we propose is to install sensors in every parking spot, also the ones where parking is free. You will be guided by your smartphone or in car infotainment system and you will pay by a click/swipe or biometric data. No need to run to a meter and fiddle with cash.

And here comes the kicker……… We are going to install, maintain and replace the sensors FOR FREE!…..making it an irresistible offer to any city!

We will put a ridiculous small fee on top of the cities parking fee every time you park using our system. You won’t spend the extra 30 minutes to find a spot, and the city will lose the drivers just roaming the streets for a spot. It’s a win win situation for everyone. Think about it, sensors is the ONLY logical route to take..

What we are pledging for is 2.000.000$. This will pay for the software and apps, plus the production of an initial batch of sensors. The sensor components are all off the shelf, so the trick is in hardware-software integration, and for that we are hiring a US company called Chaotic Moon. These guys have the smartest minds in the US besides NASA.

With their know-how, outside the box thinking and expertise, we know they are going to create a killer parking experience. We are not in the t-shirt business or mug business, so whatever you pledge you will get back in free parking fee on our system, once installed.
Expect simultaneous launch in the US and the EU during the summer of 2016.


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