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Next Glass

Next Glass is forever changing the enjoyment of wine around the world. They found a great solution on how to describe wine tastes dilemma by combining incredible science and technology to displace the current system of ambiguous ratings and reviews. Now you can confidently purchase wine at a restaurant or market with Next Glass’ location-aware app, which compare your profile to a list of available wines for an effortless and seamless selection.

Explainer video script:

What do 81 million consumers, 120K wine merchants, and countless restaurants have in common?

They all love wine, and they all hate picking the next glass.

Why is that? Because there’s no good way to describe how a wine tastes. What’s sweet and complex to me could be bitter and flat to you.

And as a result, people are unable to say what they like and businesses are unable to define
what they sell…

… Until now.

Next Glass is solving this dilemma by combining incredible science and technology to displace the current system of ambiguous ratings and reviews.

Instead of vague adjectives, our software makes recommendations based on our Wine Genome
Cellar, which contains the “DNA” of every wine in the US.

So, how does it work? First, with a proven scientific method, we chemically sequence each
wine’s unique compounds to determine its “DNA”.

Then, our software learns what you like and compares it to other wines with similar chemical signatures to make the perfect recommendation.

No adjectives. No risk. Just great wine every time.

Now you can confidently purchase wine at a restaurant or market with Next Glass’ location- aware app, which compares your profile to the available wines for an effortless selection.

Come with guests? Next Glass combines your likes with theirs.

Choosing wine for a friend? No problem… profiles can be shared like playlists!

Get the picture? Endless possibilities, always great wine.

Next Glass… amazing science – powerful software. Forever changing the enjoyment of wine around the world.


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    Jason D
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    Howard Hale
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    Beverly Aabjerg, Cleverling
  • Andre is great - his skill in Flash really came to the fore as he dealt with some stringent technical requirements we placed on him. I'd highly recommend him and his team for flash work, including proper Flash development with complex technical requirements. We'll be working together again.

    Paul Walsh, Promodity
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    Donald Sequeira, Cloud Select
  • Andre and team were a pleasure to work with! They did outstanding work and were very easy to communicate with! Highly recommended! Thanks again!

    Ramin Parsi, Bid Boldly
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  • Produced great result within very short time frame! I was very pleased with your work, and appreciate the effort.

    Katie F
  • I chose you because you were no fuss. NBD as we call it (no brain damage!). The delivery was perfect as a first timer, I cant fault what occurred. In terms of the end product, its what I wanted and the script review was brilliant and the end result perfect.

    Clint Twomey,

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