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Magrath Global’s iCheck

Magrath Global’s iCheck provides the latest information on visa requirements for travelers. You get instant, detailed access to all the travel information you need, including time zones and exchange rates between your current location and the destination country, so that travelling becomes simple and stress free.

Explainer video script:

This is Tom.

Tom works as a Human Resources Manager for a multinational company. He’s responsible for organising travel permits for colleagues who need to travel overseas, often for time-sensitive projects.

Now meet Jane.

As a business owner, Jane travels overseas regularly.

So it’s important that both Tom and Jane stay informed on important visa requirements in their destination country in order to avoid the many problems that often prevent travellers from arriving at their destination country hassle-free.

Unfortunately, this kind of travel information is quite complex and difficult to find. Well…at least is used to be.

Introducing: Magrath Global’s iCheck.

Magrath Global’s iCheck is a mobile app that provides the latest information on visa requirements for travellers and whether you do or do not need a visa in order to travel.

You get instant, detailed access to all the travel information you need, including time zones and exchange rates between your current location and the destination country, so that travelling becomes simple and stress free.

Magrath Global’s iCheck is developed by Magrath Global, which focuses on supporting the needs of businesses and individuals, both nationally and internationally.

Download the app, stay informed on all required travel details, and travel hassle-free…with Magrath Global’s iCheck!!

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