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Lost Return Screencast

Lost Returns is an easy to use, online platform created to help you professionally manage your Lost & Found and reunite lost items with their owners. Lost Returns provides you with a custom branded Lost & Found website. Your customer or guest can view general category descriptions of recently found items and quickly file a lost item report, online or over the phone. Found Item Listing gives your customer confidence that found items are being documented and inventoried.

Explainer Video Script:

Lost and Found is an important Customer Service function in your business.

How you handle your customer’s concerns can make or break your relationship and effect brand loyalty.

A Cell Phone with valuable information, Lost

A Camera with Family Vacation Pictures, Lost

A child’s treasured blanket or stuffed animal, Lost

Last year, over 500,000 cell phones were reported lost at US Airports alone. It is estimated that over $7 million worth of mobile electronic devices are lost every day. And the list goes on…

All your resources spent on good will and promising a great brand experience can vanish and send your customer elsewhere.

Ask yourself:
– Does your current Lost & Found program automatically maintain consistent communications with your Customer?
– Does it offer your customer “self service” options for updating information?
– Does it allow your customer to check the status of their claim online, 24/7?
– Does it help your staff record the complete “Chain of Custody” of Found Items and maintain security?
– Does it provide immediate return shipping options to your customer from multiple carriers like Fedex, UPS and USPS?
– Is your current Lost & Found just above a dusty log book sitting in a desk?

Your customers need to know your business has a professional & efficient system, using the industry best practices, to manage their recovered items, communicate effectively and return them quickly.

Lost Returns is an easy to use, online platform created to help you professionally manage your Lost & Found and reunite lost item items with their owners.

– Fast – Your Lost and Found Account can Be Up and running in less than 15 mins.
– Immediate Communication Tools
– Free Inventory & Shipping Supplies
– Works On Multiple Devices
– No Software to Buy or Download
– No Long Term Contracts or Fees

Lost Returns provides you with a custom branded Lost & Found website. Your customer or guest can view general category descriptions of recently found items and quickly file a lost item report, online or over the phone. This Found Item Listing gives your customer confidence that Found Items are being documented and inventoried.

They are given the option of providing a return shipping address, so they can have their item returned through FedEx, UPS, or USPS if they wish.

They will receive a confirmation email and reference number, so they can track progress in real time or update their information 24/7.

Since communication is key to keeping a strong relationship with your customer, periodic email updates are automatically generated to show they are a priority.

When the item is recovered, our system instantly contacts the Customer by phone and by email to offer immediate return shipping options or help arrange pick up of the recovered item.

Lost Returns helps your staff manage Lost & Found and makes it easy…

The Admin Panel shows a quick look at the Status of Customer inquiries and Items ready to be shipped.

Entering Found items can be done quickly through our simple form. The details for the date found and location can be entered and the intuitive description icons reduce data entry requirements, increases accuracy and productivity. The location of where the item is stored and how it should be packaged is noted in the system.

Processing a Lost Item Report will automatically generate a system-wide search to see if the item has been recovered.

For example, submitting a report for a lost cell phone will pull up all the found cell phones at a specified location, showing the best possible matches at the top.
Walk them through the example above, Process and submit a lost item report for a cellphone.

If a Match is determined, an email and phone call will automatically be sent out to the customer to let them know their item has been recovered.

Through the email or phone call, the customer can select a shipping method and pay for the shipping of their item. In the Admin Panel, a “Print Shipping Label” link will appear. Print the Label with one click and the carrier is automatically scheduled to pick up the item the next business day! Best of all, a confirmation and tracking number is instantly sent to the Customer.

Make Lost & Found a priority that your customers will appreciate. Create a lasting experience that will deliver greater customer satisfaction and brand loyalty for your business. Our Professional Lost & Found Management System can significantly improve your company’s service to your customers, streamline operations and lower your operating costs.

Please contact us today at 888-444-8980 or about a free trial.


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