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LiveZilla allows webmasters to monitor his visitors and see every move in real time.
Webmasters can engage visitors in LiveZilla’s live chat widget with multi-website support, making the experience a personal one for every potential customer.

LiveZilla is the all-in-one customer solution supports with easy installation and most of all – cost effective.

Explainer Video Script

Tom owns an online shop.

He was getting good traffic to the site, but many people left or didn’t complete their purchase and he didn’t know why.

What Tom needed was a way to help shoppers if they had questions that could provide additional information to convince them to buy.

Tom found his solution in LiveZilla.

LiveZilla is a customer support software that helps webmasters like Tom to communicate with their website visitors easily, effectively and comfortably.

When Tom is online, LiveZilla allows him to monitor his visitors and see every move in real time.

He can engage them with LiveZilla’s live chat widget with multi-website support, making the experience a personal one for every potential customer.

LiveZilla provides him with an automated help desk system that integrates emails and messages from his Twitter and Facebook pages, so he can provide excellent service to his customers.

When Tom is offline, LiveZilla stores all questions and feedback so he can respond when he is able to.

After using LiveZilla for a while, Tom had enough data to generate analytical reports that he could use to fine-tune his website, marketing and communication strategies.

LiveZilla is your all-in-one solution for your customer support, installs easily on your server for extra control and data privacy and is cost effective. There are no hidden fees or ongoing charges. In addition, LiveZilla is completely free for one user!

So, if you’re like Tom – and more than 30,000 other LiveZilla users – improve your conversion rates and provide the best customer service.

Install LiveZilla now!


  • Working with Andre and the BnB team really was a great experience. Communication is professional and proactive, their design and animation skills are very high standard. Our end product turned out to be FANTASTIC and totally delivered within schedule. I'm sure we'll work together again on a short term. Thanks guys!

    Mathijs D
  • Wonderful to work with, great communication and very talented! Very fast responses and worked very hard with revisions to help us a achieve a phenomenal final product. I would HIGHLY recommend them and would give 6 stars if possible! Great work!

    Jason D
  • Overall great job, very timely and they went above and beyond the requirements. I highly reccomend these guys!

    Howard Hale
  • Andre is great - his skill in Flash really came to the fore as he dealt with some stringent technical requirements we placed on him. I'd highly recommend him and his team for flash work, including proper Flash development with complex technical requirements. We'll be working together again.

    Paul Walsh, Promodity
  • Working with Breadnbeyond was great. They did everything asked, and each revision of the video improved upon the previous one. I will definitely be using this team for my next animation project.

    Four Leaf Technology
  • Great quality and fast turnaround! Breadnbeyond worked with us through all our change requests in a friendly and professional manner.

  • Breadnbeyond understood's brand identity straight away. The video they made for us - at incredibly short notice - is perfect. Previously we'd held off doing video, thinking it was too expensive or too time consuming to produce. Breadnbeyond proved me wrong - I wished we'd spoken to them months ago!

    Stephen -
  • Bread and Beyond did a fantastic job overall. Consistently addressing all of my needs and desired changes!

    Todd Matia
  • We have asked Bread'n Beyond to create animations for a smart phone game we are developing. They have provided us with competitive price, great customer service and have delivered a superb product. More importantly, when, at one point is seemed that their chosen animator did not have the appropriate style, they changed the animator on our account to better suit what we needed before we even asked. I would HIGHLY recomend them and plan to work with them on other projects to come.

    Leo Novski
  • We believe the added character plus brand alignment gives us a long-term net positive from the video.

    Ian Sefferman, MobileDevHQ

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