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Itimizit is a complete storage and retrieval platform you can use anywhere, anytime to make your life easier. They also has a local storage facility where you’re charged for only the cubic footage you use.

Explainer video script:

Meet Jane, her husband and 2 kids.

Jane‘s busy, busy, BUSY with her own home business, soccer practice, dance classes, gymnastics, volunteer work… oh, and sorting through clutter.

Yes, like most of us, Jane and her family have amassed so much stuff they don’t know where to put it… or where anything is when they need it!

The closets are stuffed, the garage is filled, and they even just rented a storage unit to handle the overflow.

Slow down for a minute Jane, because now there’s Itimizit.

Itimizit is a complete storage and retrieval platform you can use anywhere, anytime to make your life easier.

Let’s say Jane wants to organize her garage.

Using the Itimizit web app she can upload descriptive and location information and print out a label with a QR code which she can scan with her mobile phone later if she needs to change the location or description of her items.

And if her husband wants to store his golf clubs during the winter, same thing… take a picture of the clubs, enter the location information, and attach the coded label.

Need more storage outside the home? Easy, Itimizit also has a local storage facility where you’re charged for only the cubic footage you use… and they can deliver and pick up!

Itimizit helps you simplify and organize your life.

With Itimizit you’ll finally know what you have and where it is – guaranteed.

Reclaim your space with Itimizit right now!


  • Amazingly we got this video animated and produced for $2,000. Amazing because of the quality and turn around time, when other vendors were all quoting closer to $10k.

    Daniel Barnett, WorkETC
  • Patient, good communicators, professional, creative and skillful. I'm based in Australia and Andre and his team are the best providers we've used from South East Asia (for anything). Bottom line is value for money is incredible.

    Alec Lynch, DesignCrowd
  • Bread and Beyond did a fantastic job overall. Consistently addressing all of my needs and desired changes!

    Todd Matia
  • Extremely satisfied with the service quality produced by Andre & his team. I am one of the people who wont get satisfied in first mockup. If you work with Bread n' Beyond, you will see that they are always ready to go an extra mile. I came with a limited budget to BreadnBeyond for a small logo design project - but in the end I found so much scope for expansion with them that I couldn't help but re-hire them to produce a higher quality output, each time. The designs are impeccable & they pay very minute attention to the details. This is the most important thing for me & I am glad that I found this team. Looking to re-hire them for all the future design projects. A++++ Service, highly recommended!

  • Working with this company was a pleasure, as staff that worked on the job, were competent, pleasant, and extremely patient. They went beyond to ensure that I as the customer was satisfied right up unto the end. Their work is exceptional and very creative. I consider the cover that they made for my book a work of art and cutting edge. I will not hesitate to use them again for my next project.

    Rose Marie Whiteside
  • Andre is an excellent hire. Always on-time with work and extremely helpful in every situation. Our company needed someone we could rely on and Andre certainly filled that role. Knowledgeable, courteous, flexible and fast!

    Gabriel Kuo
  • Excellent work, Andre and his team were extremely creative and spontaneous, They are capable of working without any guidance what so ever. A definite worth for every dollar spent. Hope you guys keep up the good work.

    Mohan Kuldeep Ponnada, Unixell
  • Excellent work. Very responsive and professional.

    Steven Dumosch, Mojowijo
  • I would like to say that it has been a great pleasure working with you! The result of this project is outstanding and I am impressed with the quality of your work and your professionalism. I would unreservedly recommend you in the future to anyone looking to produce a similar explainer video.

  • We loved working with the team, they were professional, prompt and adhered to our requirements and change requests. We liked the final delivery and fully satisfied with their work.

    Zeeshan Alam, Mobile Spy

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