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Hotel Shattuck Plaza

Hotel Shattuck Plaza, as a part of BPR family, wants you to follow safety protocols, take pride in your job as well as LEARN, GROW and HAVE FUN!

BPR seeks opportunities to reposition distressed assets, especially hotels, through renovation or restoration.

BPR truly values having an open door policy that allows its employee to use innovative approach and improve how things done within the company. That what makes BPR up and running smoothly up to this day.

Explainer Video Script

Hello, and welcome.

We are extremely excited you are joining our family of more than 700 diversified individuals working at BPR Properties affiliated hotels.
I’m Perry Patel…

And I’m Rita Parasnis…
We’re not only partners in this organization, but our father is BB Patel, who is the founder of BPR Properties.

In 1973, our father started this business venture when he purchased a small motel, the Varsity Motel in Redwood city, California. In the next 30 years, our father expanded the business through acquisitions and developments of Best Westerns, the purchase and renovation of the Crowne Plaza Cabana in Palo Alto, CA and by continuing to expand those properties by adding additional guest rooms to them.

In the mid-2000s, Perry and myself, joined the business, bringing a new, fresh perspective and outside experience. Our first initiative was to build a corporate office that would tie our future and existing hotels together. With the acquisition of more hotels, such as Hotel Shattuck Plaza, Hotel Paradox, Hotel Keen and others, the BPR network has continued to grow. Our vision is for our employees to be a part of an organization where they have an opportunity to grow within.

Now that you know the history, you probably want to know more about BPR as a company. Well, as a company, BPR seeks opportunities to reposition distressed assets, in this case hotels, through renovation or restoration. We also work to build a strong operations team who can bring innovation to deliver lasting experiences to our guests.

Which leads to you!

We discovered that for our guests to have a memorable experience, every team member in the BPR network has to enjoy their working experience and have the very best resources to do their job.

Picture our organization chart as a pinwheel, upon which each of our roles are positioned… sales, guest services, housekeeping and maintenance, restaurant and administration.
Each of us is dependent on the success of the other to keep the Pinwheel turning. If one is unsuccessful, then we don’t function properly and we fall apart.

Because of this, BPR truly values having an open door policy. If you have a new innovative approach, an idea on how to improve things, or even concerns relating to you or the company, we want to hear about it. It’s the only way we can protect the each other and fulfill our mission to our guests.

As a team member in the company, we have a few basic, but important expectations, such as being professional at all times since you are typically the first point of contact to our guests. Following safety protocols and also taking pride in your job. We want you to learn, grow and have fun!

In return, you will be entitled to exclusive benefits that range from hotel and restaurant discounts, health insurance and an opportunity to experience a fun and creative place to work, with opportunities to develop and transition within a growing company.

So again, a huge welcome to the BPR family, we hope you get the most out of your time here!


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