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Mortgages are all about the details. Once you understand all the differences, rate becomes just one factor in your decision. From there you can build the right Mortgage Plan for your needs and make the right choices in your home buying journey.

Explainer video script:

Did you know Mortgage Rates don’t matter? Most people think it is the only thing they should be worried about when they are getting a mortgage and it is so wrong!

You don’t buy the cheapest car every time do you? Of course not, there are many other features that are more important. If you have a family you need room, if you want something sporty you want a bigger engine.

You also don’t always go to the cheapest restaurant, sometimes it’s worth spending more.
Buying a home is the same way. We don’t all buy the cheapest apartment on the market. When we know all the details, it’s much easier to make the right decision.

All Mortgages are not the same, there are numerous differences between them. Some are closed, meaning you can’t change it unless you sell your house, some let you make extra payments easily, some not so much. Others have massive penalties to break the mortgage early. Knowing all of these differences let’s you make an informed decision.

Mortgages are all about the details. Once you understand all the differences, rate becomes just one factor in your decision. From there you can build the right Mortgage Plan for your need, and with that plan, you can make the right choices in your Home Buying journey.


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    Clint Twomey,
  • Really liked your portfolio. Not just the quality, but the amount of work you've produced over the years. I was looking for a stable company with substantial experience in the industry to minimize my risk. Your about page resonated with me - I'm in a very similar situation as Andre was when he started BreadnBeyond.

    Edina Gardos, Point Blank Design
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    Leo Novski
  • I have used various Elance contractors. I have seen both good and bad and Andre is GREAT! I've contracted him twice now and have been very pleased both times. Always finishes ahead of schedule. Great communicator. Very creative as well as adaptive to your wants.

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    Steven Dumosch, Mojowijo
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