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Hearing Aid

Hearing Aid is looking for support to create an online shop where they sell high quality devices at a much lower price. Each ordered device will come with a voucher which can be redeemed at one of project partner audiologists, who will adjust the device according to the customer’s needs. Hearing Aid want to create a paradigm shift in the way the hearing aids are sold, first, in Switzerland and eventually across the worldwide.

Explainer video script:

Hearing… It’s one of the most important aspects of living. Whether listening to the unbridled laughter of children, the simple pleasure of enjoying your favorite music, or just listening to a bird singing, hearing enables us to embrace the world through sound.

About 360 million people around the world suffer from hearing loss… In fact, it’s the third most common chronic illness in the world.

Despite what some might think, aging is not the only reason. Hearing loss can also be caused by infectious diseases, accidents, exposure to noise pollution or just by genetics.

The demand for hearing aids is rising exponentially around the world and is expected to reach $8 billion by 2018.

Shockingly, there’s a vast difference between the actual cost and the price consumers pay for hearing aids. The manufacturing cost for a good hearing aid is just $50, but the devices are marked up to $5000… sometimes more. Which translates into very hefty profit margins.

With your support, we will create an online shop where we will sell high quality devices at a much lower price. Each ordered device will come with a voucher reedemable at one of our partner audiologists, who will adjust the device according to the customer’s needs.

We want to create a paradigm shift in the way the hearing aids are sold, initially in Switzerland and eventually across the worldwide.

That’s not all…

Most manufacturers neglect developing countries because the profit margins are so low. This means people with low income in developing countries are unable to buy a good quality hearing aid.

The World Health Organization estimates that the annual need for hearing aids in developing countries has reached at least 32 million units.

Our profits will go towards equipping children around the world with hearing aids that will improve their lives and turn them into thriving members of the community.

We will make one child hear for each sold one.
Later we will be able to raise this to two hearing aid.

Without assistance, they will not be able to attend normal schools like other children, or hold down regular jobs, often leaving them socially isolated.

You can help by investing in our online hearing aid shop. Your investment will help many thousands of people live to their full potential.

So join in. Together, we can make a difference across the globe.
Let us be heard.


  • I have worked with Andre on a number of occassions, hiring him on behalf of a client. Andre not only produces high quality work on time and to budget, he also gets us! And by this I mean that he works well & is understanding of the needs and restrictions that come with working with non-techy, not for profits. Andre is happy to revisit work and offer advice even after he's received payment and the job has closed. I would have no hesitation in recommending Andre and Bread n' Beyond to anyone sourcing graphic design work.

    Emma Crabtree
  • I chose you because you were no fuss. NBD as we call it (no brain damage!). The delivery was perfect as a first timer, I cant fault what occurred. In terms of the end product, its what I wanted and the script review was brilliant and the end result perfect.

    Clint Twomey,
  • Amazingly we got this video animated and produced for $2,000. Amazing because of the quality and turn around time, when other vendors were all quoting closer to $10k.

    Daniel Barnett, WorkETC
  • Breadnbeyond understood's brand identity straight away. The video they made for us - at incredibly short notice - is perfect. Previously we'd held off doing video, thinking it was too expensive or too time consuming to produce. Breadnbeyond proved me wrong - I wished we'd spoken to them months ago!

    Stephen -
  • Very good provider. I am already using again on another project. Highly recommended to anyone. Cooperates well and works through any problems that arise.

    Craig Rees
  • Patient, good communicators, professional, creative and skillful. I'm based in Australia and Andre and his team are the best providers we've used from South East Asia (for anything). Bottom line is value for money is incredible.

    Alec Lynch, DesignCrowd
  • Andre and team were a pleasure to work with! They did outstanding work and were very easy to communicate with! Highly recommended! Thanks again!

    Ramin Parsi, Bid Boldly
  • Great quality and fast turnaround! Breadnbeyond worked with us through all our change requests in a friendly and professional manner.

  • We believe the added character plus brand alignment gives us a long-term net positive from the video.

    Ian Sefferman, MobileDevHQ
  • We'd like to thank Bread n Beyond! Wonderful team to work with. Listened carefully to our concerns and helped us fine tune all of details. Great work.

    Andrea Bogar

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