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Demio is a web-based webinar platform that’s free of issues such as joining problems, video delays or application crashes.

It’s never been easier to build relationships with your audience.

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Here’s the problem… your audience is most likely jaded towards webinars… but it’s not your fault. It’s no secret that the “other” platforms don’t put much of an emphasis on your audience.

Maybe you can relate… issues like app download failures, joining problems, 30 second streaming delays, poor video quality, crashed applications, and lost recordings are unfortunately happening all too often.

With Demio, our goal is to give your attendee’s a great experience every time.

Whether you’re using it for marketing webinars to generate and qualify leads, live Q&A sessions to have a conversation with your audience in real-time, live training to encourage group discussion and increase retention, live onboarding sessions to ease the learning curve for your users, or group demos to help sell your product in a one-to-many setting

Demio is 100% browser based and your attendees can join from their unique join link with 1-click. No downloads. No hassles.

It’s never been easier to build relationships with your audience. Develop personal connections, get real-time feedback, and ACTUALLY have a conversation without worrying about the technical stuff.

Let us handle the mechanics behind the scenes, so you can focus on what matters.

You’ll never have to worry about streaming delays, connection issues, joining problems, or crashes ever again.

With Demio, webinars can finally be delightful for everyone involved.

We all know that webinars are great at generating leads for your business, but a lot of platforms make it really hard to understand what those leads did on your webinar and how you can serve them best.

Demio makes it easy to integrate with your CRM, so you can capture leads right from the registration page.

But the real power comes from the ability to put those leads into different buckets based on how they interacted with your webinar.

So now, it’s easy to send the right message to the right segment of your audience at the right time.

And you can finally understand how your webinar performed, so you can measure and improve your live presentation with actionable data.

You can even followup with your attendees after the webinar to answer any questions that you may have missed or to simply keep the conversation going with hot prospects.

And that’s the power of Demio. A smart webinar platform on a simple mission.

Sign up today, and experience a whole new kind of webinar.


  • Overall great job, very timely and they went above and beyond the requirements. I highly reccomend these guys!

    Howard Hale
  • Andre is great - his skill in Flash really came to the fore as he dealt with some stringent technical requirements we placed on him. I'd highly recommend him and his team for flash work, including proper Flash development with complex technical requirements. We'll be working together again.

    Paul Walsh, Promodity
  • Produced great result within very short time frame! I was very pleased with your work, and appreciate the effort.

    Katie F
  • Really liked your portfolio. Not just the quality, but the amount of work you've produced over the years. I was looking for a stable company with substantial experience in the industry to minimize my risk. Your about page resonated with me - I'm in a very similar situation as Andre was when he started BreadnBeyond.

    Edina Gardos, Point Blank Design
  • I wish I could have checked ALL of the 'attributes' boxes for describing Andre. He's done several graphic design and Flash jobs for me in the last couple of years, and each time has been a joy. Andre is talented, fast, dedicated and his follow-up is exemplary. His communication is faultless, and his on-time performance leaves nothing to be desired. All in all, I'm VERY impressed with Andre, and hope to keep working with him for years to come.

    Kevin D. Murphy
  • Bread n Beyond are a very talented team of web designers. They helped me design an ideal website and came up with some great ideas. I will definitely be using their services for all future design projects.

    Matthew Balf
  • Working with this company was a pleasure, as staff that worked on the job, were competent, pleasant, and extremely patient. They went beyond to ensure that I as the customer was satisfied right up unto the end. Their work is exceptional and very creative. I consider the cover that they made for my book a work of art and cutting edge. I will not hesitate to use them again for my next project.

    Rose Marie Whiteside
  • Bread and Beyond did a fantastic job overall. Consistently addressing all of my needs and desired changes!

    Todd Matia
  • Professional organization to work with, with quick turnaround times and great pricing. Very impressed with their ability to follow guidelines and interpret specific instructions or vague ideas to deliver compelling, creative concepts.

    Kris Gordon, Mobiz Inc.
  • We believe the added character plus brand alignment gives us a long-term net positive from the video.

    Ian Sefferman, MobileDevHQ

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