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CloudSmartNow analyzes any kind of usage by user and cost so you can deliver what users really need. It enables you to optimize your cloud investment and deliver what the business really needs — faster time to value.

With CloudSmartNow, you get clarity, control and agility over your cloud investments.

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Meet Sal… head of IT Operations. He needs to deliver cloud services to the business which must be secure, performant, and more importantly at the right capacity

Cheryl… in charge of IT Finance, needs to keep costs tightly controlled and must have accurate reporting and accountability for spend.needs to keep costs tightly controlled and must have accurate reporting and accountability for spend.

And Perry, a Business Owner, does whatever it takes to get his products and services to market faster by leveraging IT services.

There is only one solution that solves all their challenges… CloudSmartNow from CloudCruiser, a software application built for hybrid cloud consumption management with rich analytics into usage and costs.

CloudSmartNow gives IT the power to deliver the right services at the right time, so you can optimize your cloud investments and deliver what the business needs – faster time to value.

CloudSmartNow is your “Smart Meter” for the cloud, analyzing usage by user and costs. You get Clarity, Control and Agility for your ‘Big 5’ clouds in under 5 days.

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  • Overall great job, very timely and they went above and beyond the requirements. I highly reccomend these guys!

    Howard Hale
  • Produced great result within very short time frame! I was very pleased with your work, and appreciate the effort.

    Katie F
  • I really like working with this team! They are mindful of my overall business objectives as well as my budget, and make appropriate suggestions (which I really appreciate).

    Tanya Nebo
  • Really liked your portfolio. Not just the quality, but the amount of work you've produced over the years. I was looking for a stable company with substantial experience in the industry to minimize my risk. Your about page resonated with me - I'm in a very similar situation as Andre was when he started BreadnBeyond.

    Edina Gardos, Point Blank Design
  • Andre and team were a pleasure to work with! They did outstanding work and were very easy to communicate with! Highly recommended! Thanks again!

    Ramin Parsi, Bid Boldly
  • Overall amazing!! Not only will we hire them again, I have already sent two more people their direction because they did such an amazing job. Thanks you for doing such a great job.

    Jabez Le Bret
  • Yes. The cost and production time from start to finish is superior to alternatives. We also feel the team is very flexible and patient with changes without constantly charging more fees. Very satisfied and will continue relationship.

    Mikaal Abdulla, 8 securities
  • Very satisfied with the work done. Very talented and creative, quick turnover and easy communication. The end result is professional and polished. Will definitely hire again!

    Jerry F., Handshake
  • Bread n Beyond blew away all expectations, not only is their work phenomenal but their customer service and attentiveness should be a standard for every business.

    Ian Carnevale
  • This is a great animation studio. When I was not completely satisfied with the work that was initially done, they went above and beyond to fix everything I had problems with and meet my satisfaction. Would recommend to anyone.

    Scientific Investing

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