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Cloud Select

CloudSelect is a one-stop-shop for procurement and management of cloud services. CloudSelect allows you to pick and choose from over 100 different of the best cloud services from local, regional, and global providers that are already validated and tested by CloudFX.

Explainer video script:

If you’re an IT manager, you’re hounded by departments within your enterprise to purchase cloud infrastructure, applications, and services so that everything runs like clockwork.

But that means endless hours of sourcing, purchasing cloud solutions from different vendors, managing all these varied services, and paying all the incoming invoices.

You’re already expending 100% of your energy, so how will you keep up with complex new advances as cloud computing evolves?

Sit down and relax… your job just got easier, and every department in your enterprise can become more productive.



CloudSelect is a one-stop- shop for procurement and management of cloud services.

CloudSelect allows you to pick and choose from over 100 different of the best cloud
services from local, regional, and global providers all of which are validated and tested by CloudFX.

CloudSelect ‘s Data Centre portfolio offers best of breed Data Centre Infrastructure, Application, Platform, and Managed Services to deliver leading Data Centre solutions to the most demanding Enterprises.

CloudSelect ‘s Enterprise Mobility portfolio offers best of Mobility, VDI, Application and Managed Services to deliver world class Client solutions enabling Mobility, BYOD and workforce liberation strategies.

And CloudSelect ‘s Application Marketplace provides a comprehensive Application Marketplace featuring the world’s leading SaaS vendors.

CloudSelect’s Managed Services portfolio provides world Class Operational Support, Managed Services, Virtual Consulting Services and Integration services to simplify, enable, and manage complex solution deployments.

Your multi-vendor portfolio is then managed and provisioned through an advanced, customised user control panel with multi-supplier integration for easier single billing.

So, reduce stress, risk, and effort while improving productivity.

Visit the CloudSelect store now.


  • Really liked your portfolio. Not just the quality, but the amount of work you've produced over the years. I was looking for a stable company with substantial experience in the industry to minimize my risk. Your about page resonated with me - I'm in a very similar situation as Andre was when he started BreadnBeyond.

    Edina Gardos, Point Blank Design
  • Andre's professionalism and level of understanding surrounding IT projects is second to none. I've dealt with Andre on a number of projects throughout the years and he has consistently delivered projects on time and has always exceeded expectations.

    Nanthees Paskar
  • ​Price was better than other options while quality and breadth of services appeared similar. Website and sales team were clear and upfront about process, options, costs, etc. Did not appear to be any hidden fees of catches.

    Alan Samuels, Lunch Pro
  • Andre is an excellent hire. Always on-time with work and extremely helpful in every situation. Our company needed someone we could rely on and Andre certainly filled that role. Knowledgeable, courteous, flexible and fast!

    Gabriel Kuo
  • Overall amazing!! Not only will we hire them again, I have already sent two more people their direction because they did such an amazing job. Thanks you for doing such a great job.

    Jabez Le Bret
  • Yes. The cost and production time from start to finish is superior to alternatives. We also feel the team is very flexible and patient with changes without constantly charging more fees. Very satisfied and will continue relationship.

    Mikaal Abdulla, 8 securities
  • Working with Andre and the BnB team really was a great experience. Communication is professional and proactive, their design and animation skills are very high standard. Our end product turned out to be FANTASTIC and totally delivered within schedule. I'm sure we'll work together again on a short term. Thanks guys!

    Mathijs D
  • Andre and team were a pleasure to work with! They did outstanding work and were very easy to communicate with! Highly recommended! Thanks again!

    Ramin Parsi, Bid Boldly
  • Andre is great - his skill in Flash really came to the fore as he dealt with some stringent technical requirements we placed on him. I'd highly recommend him and his team for flash work, including proper Flash development with complex technical requirements. We'll be working together again.

    Paul Walsh, Promodity
  • If you guys fancy those fancy animation videos done fast and cost effectively, then look no further! Andre and the crew from Bread n' Beyond will help bring your ideas n characters to life in quick time! Professional, responsive, reasonable and sensibly priced service... the folks at BnB are friendly too which makes it all a breeze and great joy to work with em. Strongly recommend anyone looking for animation or design services and such to get in touch with Andre and co. Will definitely be working with them again... in fact we're already onto our next gig! Nuff said :) These guys rock out!!!

    Shariff, Tee Daily

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