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Chameleon provides you with a simple snippet that you can edit, update, modify easily to give your audience a tour of your product without having to write a single line of code.

You can use Chameleon to do A/B tests, target specific audience, and you can even measure how your product tour is performing.

Chameleon is a personalized user onboarding tool for you!

Explainer Video Script

Hey, ever wanted better user onboarding? Have users that sign up but don’t stick around?

It’s a common problem!

People need to understand your product, but they don’t have the time to watch videos, read docs or figure it out.

They can reach that magic ”aha” moment with a short product tour…something that matches uses what was they should be doing and some leading companies (like Facebook and Google) already do this, but for most others, product tours are complicated to build and maintain…

That’s where Chameleon can help !

Now you can easily build and optimize a product tour without writing a single line of code.

Just add the short code snippet to your site, and then use our handy editor to build, test and publish your new tour!

You can use your own branding, target different audiences, run A/B tests, measure how your tour is performing… And you can quickly update it any time!

So: use Chameleon to create meaningful, personalized user onboarding to help your users learn… and increase your product’s engagement, conversion and retention.

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  • Yes. The cost and production time from start to finish is superior to alternatives. We also feel the team is very flexible and patient with changes without constantly charging more fees. Very satisfied and will continue relationship.

    Mikaal Abdulla, 8 securities
  • Bread N' Beyond seemed to have a holistic solution for video creation (good animators, voice-over talent, and customer testimonials) that made me trust in the company's ability to deliver a professional solution. The value for the cost was really much greater than any company I spoke with during my initial search.

    Daniel Mason
  • Excellent work, Andre and his team were extremely creative and spontaneous, They are capable of working without any guidance what so ever. A definite worth for every dollar spent. Hope you guys keep up the good work.

    Mohan Kuldeep Ponnada, Unixell
  • This is a great animation studio. When I was not completely satisfied with the work that was initially done, they went above and beyond to fix everything I had problems with and meet my satisfaction. Would recommend to anyone.

    Scientific Investing
  • Very satisfied with the work done. Very talented and creative, quick turnover and easy communication. The end result is professional and polished. Will definitely hire again!

    Jerry F., Handshake
  • Quality of work was there and the price was great.

    Krista Lewis, Citadel Banking
  • Breadnbeyond understood's brand identity straight away. The video they made for us - at incredibly short notice - is perfect. Previously we'd held off doing video, thinking it was too expensive or too time consuming to produce. Breadnbeyond proved me wrong - I wished we'd spoken to them months ago!

    Stephen -
  • Bread n Beyond are a very talented team of web designers. They helped me design an ideal website and came up with some great ideas. I will definitely be using their services for all future design projects.

    Matthew Balf
  • Very good provider. I am already using again on another project. Highly recommended to anyone. Cooperates well and works through any problems that arise.

    Craig Rees
  • Really liked your portfolio. Not just the quality, but the amount of work you've produced over the years. I was looking for a stable company with substantial experience in the industry to minimize my risk. Your about page resonated with me - I'm in a very similar situation as Andre was when he started BreadnBeyond.

    Edina Gardos, Point Blank Design

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