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Chain Disk

ChainDisk is a distributed storage software designed for virtualization using a powerful chain replication algorithm. ChainDisk manages the data into small bits, spreads them evenly and replicates them between multiple servers. There is no central control and even if some of the servers go offline the data is still accessible. ChainDisk is super fast and compatible with almost every other system out there.

Explainer video script:

Meet Scott, the IT infrastructure guru at his company.

Scott faces a big problem managing his company’s cloud virtualization initiative.

As his data storage grew, the cost of buying expensive machines became a major concern at his company not only to him, but also to his CEO.

Because of this, his SAN became his arch nemesis because managing this huge monster is super demanding. He needs to scale and support his company’s needs while still meeting performance expectations. His current setup sucks a huge chunk of his time and his IT budget.

Scott realizes that it is time to call for help. He called Keith, an IT infrastructure whiz.

Keith tells Scott that the modern way of getting scalability and performance is to bring compute and storage together into one, just like the big guys do.

Since his company is not a tech giant, Scott is wondering how he can execute this solution?

Keith quashes Scott’s worries and shows him that he can do exactly what huge data centers do, and bring storage and computing together into one with ChainDisk.

ChainDisk builds a distributed storage software designed for virtualization using a powerful chain replication algorithm.

It’s super fast and compatible with almost every other system out there.

Keith got ChainDisk up and running in just 30 minutes. Scott realizes what needs to be done. It is time to dump his SAN and put his servers into a ChainDisk.

ChainDisk dot com


  • I chose you because you were no fuss. NBD as we call it (no brain damage!). The delivery was perfect as a first timer, I cant fault what occurred. In terms of the end product, its what I wanted and the script review was brilliant and the end result perfect.

    Clint Twomey,
  • I would like to say that it has been a great pleasure working with you! The result of this project is outstanding and I am impressed with the quality of your work and your professionalism. I would unreservedly recommend you in the future to anyone looking to produce a similar explainer video.

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    Björn A. Forsberg, FORSBERG+two
  • Your explainer videos are some of the best. Since you make these videos your focus, you have mastered the art.

    David Little, Signwave
  • Overall amazing!! Not only will we hire them again, I have already sent two more people their direction because they did such an amazing job. Thanks you for doing such a great job.

    Jabez Le Bret
  • We'd like to thank Bread n Beyond! Wonderful team to work with. Listened carefully to our concerns and helped us fine tune all of details. Great work.

    Andrea Bogar
  • Andre is great - his skill in Flash really came to the fore as he dealt with some stringent technical requirements we placed on him. I'd highly recommend him and his team for flash work, including proper Flash development with complex technical requirements. We'll be working together again.

    Paul Walsh, Promodity
  • BreadNBeyond developed an incredible animation for me in less than 30 days. The deadline was tight and I wasn't sure they would be able to deliver but I was just blown away by the final product, and on top of that they delivered with a few days to spare. I highly recommend them and their services!

    Ross Page, Cofounder of Scooterino
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    Craig Rees
  • Produced great result within very short time frame! I was very pleased with your work, and appreciate the effort.

    Katie F

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