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Armada Power

Armada Power is deploying a proprietary load control technology called FleetCommander™. It uses cloud-based software to turn your electric devices on-and-off to help regulate the frequency of the electric grid. This is what you’ll get paid for: stabilizing electricity for more efficient energy use.

Explainer Video Script

Today, the need to balance supply and demand on the electrical grid is more urgent than ever.

Greater reliance on solar and wind power, increased customer demand and the retirement of aging infrastructure are making it harder to maintain the electric grid.

The solution is fast responding Frequency Regulation, a grid balancing service that is always needed by grid operators.

Devices in your home or commercial property can be used to provide valuable frequency regulation services devices like your electric water heaters.

If you own or manage electric water heaters, now they can generate new income!

Armada Power is deploying a proprietary load control technology called FleetCommander™.

FleetCommander™ uses sophisticated cloud-based software and intelligent controls to actively monitor the water heaters and it turns them on or off to help regulate the frequency of the grid.

Grid operators pay us to help them balance power supply and demand and we share the revenue stream with you.

Since the water heaters is only turned off for a few seconds at a time all user preferences are maintained and the user notices no change in hot water temperature of availability.

Armada also provides valuable analytics related to energy use, health of the water heater, and leak detection.

So, help keep the lights on AND generate a new income from your electric water heater.

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