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Ever wonder what the future will look like with the current state of technology and trends?

At Breadnbeyond we are working closely with startups and technology experts, and we have to be good at making these kinds of predictions to help them shape the world to be a better place.

Now, in 2014, we are looking forward to a better 2015, and here's how we predict the world will be changing.


What you wear
will be monitoring
your health, and your social media

Everyone loves to be healthy. Famous brands also wants their friends to know that they are healthy, and how to let them keep getting healthier. Nike introduced FuelBand in 2012, which helps track your amount of exercise and calories spent doing so. Smart wears and mouth pieces will help you to identify how many calories you ingest in real time, and publish it on your social media pages.

Right, you just ate that large piece of chocolate cake, let the world judge you on that.

Smart watches everywhere

Starting with Pebble, and their wanna-be competitors. We now have Samsung Galaxy Gear, and rumored Apple iWatch coming soon. Expect to see more than 50 brands of smart watches including other fashion brands like Casio, Citizen, and Sony. We predict smart watches getting smarter by the end of 2015. They will have apps included to allow watches act as payment systems or other devices that are more than merely a camera on its strap.

Google Glass has already been around for a while, but it's not yet available to the broad public. There are more than half of billions people using iPhone, but there are not even 1 millions who use Google Glass. This is an actual future tech that everyone must have.

Google Glass will be available
for mass production

car car

Firefox OS will appear, then flop
and never go mainstream

Firefox OS, nope... not even close to Chrome OS. Who would use it anyway? They should use the fund to do something else, like building an OS for cars perhaps.

If you have flying drones fly by themselves, of course it makes sense to have cars that drive themselves. Though they may quickly be outdated by some flying unmanned airborne platform. Combined with SIRI to provide you with your voice assistant, it's just like having the experience of being David Hasselhoff but without the hair and the leather jacket.

Cars may drive themselves,
and electric cars goes mainstream

drone drone drone drone
drone drone drone drone

Flying drones to deliver
overnight packages

Technology is meant to help us do things easier and faster. Who needs to pay for overnight delivery through USPS if you can have it delivered by... low flying drones? Although drones are probably just be used for short-range deliveries, it's good to have us slowly becoming Star Trek-like with the flying platform. Maybe they will start having unmanned flying vehicles soon.

drone drone drone drone drone
3d printer

There are 3D prints of fiber, toes, liquid resin, burners, etc, etc. You will see more projects on Kickstarter featuring 3D printers every week.

They will have the ability to produce items as small as a nickel to building a gigantic laptop size printer. You can try printing your own organs (and counterfeits will start to reign again. Who needs the Chinese to copy a product these days anyway?)

3D printer goes mainstream, almost anywhere

(Kickstarter projects will feature at least 2 new 3D printers each week)


Santa Claus goes bankrupt

(we did have an interview with him this year... he already gave his final warning!) He is a real person!

Well, we did have an interview with him last year. He mentioned that all the donations he received from the United Nations was not enough to keep up with all the new technologies and capitalism. Back in the 18th century, kids wanted to have simple, presents, like dogs, toys, and hats, even pairs of mittens. Now they want expensive brands, Sony PlayStation 4, Apple iPad 5, Oculus Rift. Even paying all his elves for double time, there's no way he can get everything delivered. So he just quit.

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