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Interview with Marc Scott

Choosing the right voice actor is a key to success in explainer video production. An experienced voice actor will be able to add more value in a video and encourage buyers to buy the advertised product. In this opportunity, we did an interview with one of our voice actor Marc Scott. He explained what he did to prepare himself before working on a project and some key points in explainer video.

Interviewer: How did you start working as voice actor?

Marc Scott: I started working in radio in 1995. I started working in voice over, inadvertently around the same time. I began voicing commercials and over time expanded into other areas, such as explainer videos, eLearning, phone systems and more. I’ve been working as a full-time voice talent for a couple years.

Interviewer: Do you have any special preparation before working on a project?

Marc Scott: I’ll always read the script over and try to get a feel for it. I take note of any direction provided by the producer or client as well. Often, I find if you understand the script and know the audience it’s intended for, the feel for the read will come naturally.

Interviewer: Do you have special time for working on a project (in the morning, etc.)?

Marc Scott: I have clients around the world in many different time zones. As such, I could be voicing commercials anywhere from 8 or 9am right up until 1 or 2am. I try to do most of my work during the day, though, whenever possible.

Interviewer: What do you think about explainer video business?

Marc Scott: The explainer video is a relatively new genre of voice over and it’s one I’ve just sort of naturally fallen into. Many of the videos are animated and I can deliver a youthful, friendly, conversational read which fits for most of the videos. I enjoy the work. It’s definitely my most common type of booking.

Interviewer: In your opinion, what is the most important thing in an explainer video script?

Marc Scott: People don’t buy products. They buy solutions to problems. If you want to make a great explainer video, I think it’s important to explain how you’re going to solve the customers problem. I also find that 60-90 second videos are the most effective.

Interviewer: Do you have any favorite Bread n’ Beyond video?

Marc Scott: Of the projects I’ve voiced for you that are presently posted, I think my favourite one is for Nexus. It’s the perfect explainer video.

Interviewer: We heard that you worked as firefighter before, Tell us some interesting stories about being a firefighter?

Marc Scott: I just started my 14th year as a volunteer firefighter in September of 2013. I currently hold the rank of Acting Captain. I love being able to serve my community and being there for people at a time when they need it the most. Like voice over, where every project is different with its own unique challenges, every fire call I respond is different with its own unique challenges. And, let’s be honest, what kid doesn’t dream of growing up and driving the big red truck with the sirens?

After several questions above, let’s hear his young, crisp, and casual voice on one of Breadnbeyond’s explainer video below:

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